Dr. Michael Zobel, MBA - CEO Saltigo GmbH

Dr. Michael Zobel, MBA, is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Saltigo since June 2020. Saltigo undertakes exclusive tailor-made pilot projects and production campaigns for the manufacture of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and crop protection industries.

Michael Zobel has 23 years of professional experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry at BAYER and LANXESS, 16 of which he directly reported to the LANXESS AG Management Board for various commodity, specialty chemicals, and materials businesses with global sales and earnings responsibility.

In 1997, Michael Zobel joined BAYER AG after studying chemistry in Munich and Münster. There, he held various management responsibilities until 2005, including in research & development, in corporate departments and in global sales & marketing.

After completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Warwick Business School (England), Michael Zobel joined the newly founded LANXESS AG in 2005. There he headed the specialty chemicals division Liquid Purification Technologies, which manufactures ion exchanger and membrane products for processing and decontamination of (sea) water and liquids, until 2010. Subsequently, until 2020, he was globally responsible for the High Performance Materials division, which produces high-performance plastics and fiber composites that enable sustainable lightweight solutions for the automotive, electronics, construction and medical industries.

Michael Zobel also is President of the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Germany (Plastics Europe Germany) and a member of the main committee of the Association of the German Chemical Industry (VCI). In addition, he is also a member of the board of the Association of Plastics Manufacturer at European level (Plastics Europe).