Fine Chemicals

The finest fine chemicals you'll find

Innovative chemical products play a major role in our daily lives because they form important components of many end products. The demand for them is growing steadily.

Our range of products continues to constantly evolve to support these market developments with potential applications for instance including oils and waxes for industrial and cosmetic purposes, scents and aromas for cosmetics and foods, plastic additives for PVC and synthetic rubbers, special adhesives for the footwear industry and chemicals for manufacturing OLEDs and similar compounds found in flat screens and solar modules.

These non-life-science applications are offered in exceptionally discerning markets. Saltigo’s high-quality products and reliability as a supplier help its customers meet the stringent demands that prevail in these sectors.

Our decades of experience in chemical synthesis and our wide range of production platforms mean we can offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your particular needs.  During the production process, multiple technologies are often combined to form a highly complex multistep synthesis. We use our expertise to help our customers achieve specific functionalities for their products.