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Saltigo launches marketing drive for insect repellent in Asia

Kick-off with Saltidin conference of international experts

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Saltigo GmbH is now marketing its proven insect repellent active ingredient Saltidin in Asia with the launch of a dedicated campaign in the region. Diana Rudolph, Global Business Manager for Saltidin, sees a big demand for the premium product in tropical countries in particular: “We have huge market opportunities owing to the climate prevalent in these regions. Saltidin is already the market leader in Europe, where it represents 78 percent of total demand for active ingredients in insect repellents. In Germany, for example, Saltidin can already be found in more than 90 registered products.”

LANXESS subsidiary Saltigo presented the active ingredient to potential customers from the Asia-Pacific region at a two-day conference taking place in Tabanan, Indonesia, on May 14 and 15. Following a welcome address by Saltigo Managing Director Wolfgang Schmitz, Rudolph explained to the participants how the product works. The outside speakers were internationally recognized experts: Dr. Alison Blackwell, the leading Scottish entomologist for biting insects and Chief Executive of Advanced Pest Solutions Ltd., the toxicologist Dr. Ghona Sangha and Professor Heinz Mehlhorn, member of the Advisory Board of the World Society of Parasitology and editor of the journal Parasitology Research. The conference participants were able to experience for themselves how effective Saltidin is at repelling insects with a practical test being held in tropical conditions on the second day of the event.

Effective and reliable

“Saltidin is extremely effective, totally reliable and proven to be very safe. We are enthusiastic about the promising future we see for Saltidin because it has enormous potential,” said Schmitz in his welcoming address in which he also presented the range of services offered by Saltigo, one of the leading suppliers in the field of exclusive customer synthesis.

Saltidin – in chemical terms 1-(1-methylpropoxycarbonyl)-2-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperidine or icaridin for short – is not an insecticide. “All it does is repel insects by effectively acting on their sense of smell in a way that does not bother users,” stated Rudolph, who described Saltidin's mode of action in her presentation. She also referred to its easy use and cosmetic properties.

Medical importance of ticks and mosquitoes as vectors of diseases

Globalization and climate change are factors that now threaten human health worldwide, not only in tropical countries. Agents of so-called emerging diseases are predominantly transmitted by blood-sucking arthropods. These vectors are transported in millions of containers daily from one continent to another loaded by pathogens of various kinds (e.g. viruses, bacteria, parasites). On arrival in their new surroundings, they can initiate severe epidemics. According to Mehlhorn, the most important vectors are ticks, mosquitoes, midges, black files, fleas and sand flies. “Effective protection from bites of such nasty bloodsuckers has high priority, since no bite means no infection. The vectors can transmit human diseases that used to be confined to rural regions and cities in the tropics but can now be increasingly found in temperate zones where they wouldn't be expected. They endanger human health everywhere,” remarked the Professor from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

Effective protection with Saltidin

Against the background of the global increase in dangerous pathogens, effective protection from insect bites is essential, said Mehlhorn. “Help takes the form of chemical substances that are sprayed onto the skin and clothes of humans and repel insects. There are many products on the market that have often a very low efficacy and can even endanger the health of the user,” he added. In his second presentation, Mehlhorn explained how insects find their host and what sophisticated methods the blood suckers have developed.

It was armed with this knowledge that the developers came up with the insect repellent Saltidin that is available on the market in various formulations. It offers the highest standards of skin safety and has already protected several hundred millions of humans. Saltidin repels a very broad spectrum of aggressors and even blocks the skin penetration of schistosomal worms, according to Mehlhorn. Schistosomiasis – also known as bilhaziosis – is a vermicular disease that spreads in warm internal waterways carried by snails as intermediate hosts.

Consumer organizations give top marks to insect repellents containing the active ingredient Saltidin, and it is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the substance of choice for malaria prophylaxis. In addition, proof-of-concept studies have found that insect repellents containing 20 percent Saltidin also offered excellent protection against ants and cockroaches.

Safety assessment of icaridin

According to Sangha, icaridin's safety profile is well characterized. It is poorly absorbed through the human skin and is rapidly excreted. “The toxicological data for the dermal route did not reveal any developmental, reproductive, neurotoxic, genotoxic or oncogenic effects. It is also compatible with the skin. A conservative risk assessment, based on bioavailability, showed that the product can be safely used on adults and children,” explained the toxicologist at the Saltidin conference.

Smidge – a success story

“Smidge that Midge”, an insect repellent launched by Advanced Pest Solutions Ltd. in 2010, targeted the dreaded biting midge that has a significant impact on tourism and the outdoor industry in Scotland. “The product, which utilizes a novel, waterproof 20 percent Saltidin formulation, is designed to appeal to the whole family and is now sold in over 300 retail outlets, from small shops and campsites to large supermarkets,” said Blackwell. Its success is also due to a strong online presence, led by the company's interactive midge forecast service ( The Smidge brand has been honored with a national innovation award and has attracted considerable media interest.

Skin-friendly insect repellent with UV filter

Saltidin is of interest not only to the manufacturers of insect repellents but also to the producers of cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations who wish to provide these products with a valuable additional benefit. Sun creams with an insect-repellent effect are an example of a potential application. Saltidin Combi Sun developed by Saltigo is a water-resistant insect repellent combined with a sunscreen emulsion. This combination preparation contains 15 percent insect repellent ingredient Saltidin and UV-B and UV-A filters. Tests confirm a sun protection factor of 15. Customers can now apply for usage rights for the basic formula from Saltigo and, once registered, can produce the preparation and sell it under their own brand name.

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