Crop protection

We speak and understand "agriculture"

The global agricultural market keeps on growing. The continually expanding world population, changes in nutrition and increasing affluence in the densely populated developing countries and emerging markets along with a sustained upward trend in crop production in Europe and North America indicate ongoing growth in agro chemicals demand for the next few years, at least. At the same time, climate change and the reduction in the land available for agriculture place special demands on existing and new active ingredients for use in crop protection. Our customers, the leading players in the global crop protection markets, are facing these opportunities by providing the right products in the needed volumes and by inventing continuously new solutions for the changing market conditions.   

Because of our decades of experience in custom manufacturing active ingredients for crop protection and intermediates we not only understand our customers’ needs and requirements, but also work hard to put them into practice. We speak and understand “agriculture.”

Saltigo assists crop science companies throughout the entire value-added chain – from design to manufacturing custom-made products.

Our production capacities and competencies allow us to manufacture large quantities of intermediates and active ingredients. It enables us to better support our customers e.g. in cases when a a particular plant disease suddenly starts to consume a region and a swift response to an increasing demand is necessary. This is how we at Saltigo help safeguard food supplies.