Fine Chemical Intermediates

Diversity makes a solid foundation

In addition to its custom manufacturing services Saltigo also offers an assortment of fine chemical intermediates products. These products form the basis for a variety of pharmaceutical and agricultural products, as well as for specialty chemicals that also play an important role in daily life. They are used for crop protection in the form of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. In the pharmaceutical sector, intermediates manufactured by Saltigo form the basis for a wide variety of important medicines including antibiotics, anti-depressants, cardiovascular and cancer medications. Saltigo also manufactures products for other industries, such as additives for polymers and electronic chemicals, fuel additives and substances used in cosmetic production, along with a series of fine chemical intermediates for a wide range of other applications.

Expertise and support in handling approvals

Our team of experts offers you reliable advice and is happy to help you develop time and cost schedules for product approvals and comply with all the necessary registration regulations.

Saltigo supplies products/active ingredients and intermediates in six categories:

  • Phosgene derivatives
  • Triazole and triazole derivatives
  • Reagents and intermediates
  • Polymer additives and specialties
  • Saltidin® insect repellent


You can download an overview of all fine chemical intermediates here:

» PDF of the list of FCIs